Cherokee Medicine Society training Week Two


Cherokee Medicine Society training Week Two

  • Practice communicating and experiencing the energy from each of the 4 directions.

               i.      making first contact, similar to introducing yourself to the guardian spirits of each direction.

  • East has the Eagle and the power of the healing sun. Its color is yellow, and Its element is Air, and one can deal with the future from here.
  • South has the power of the sun that comes up from the south and brings growth and passion, desire, and will power  to us. It is the colors of Red (and Green on occasion but in the medicine wheel it is red.) One can draw prosperity from the south.
  • The west is where darkness begins. The color is blue and can become black. It is the direction where weather comes as cleansing rain and more such as affecting the weather. You can deal with retrospect here.  Ancestor connections are strong in the west. The Bear spirit lives here. Element is water.
  • North has the color of white, the image of the Buffalo, Its element is the Earth. It is the connection to the Earth Mother herself, with Elders wisdom stability, strength to persevere life’s challenges.
  • First teaching is of MaKayRu.
    • Take control of your mind and mouth.
    • Speak no words that you do not wish to literally be true. Is soon as you realize you have, take it out of the law of cause and effect by saying “Not for the Law”.  Begin now for as a student, you will be working with the ability to create the world around you.
  • Become aware of the moon cycles
    • When the moon is increasing, it is called waxing and it is a time that we focus on drawing beneficial things into our lives.
    • When the moon is getting smaller, waning, we are concentrating on pushing things away from our lives. Or dissolving things we no longer want or need in our lives. Removing Bad habits is a good example of waning work.
  • Begin collecting books:
    • Animal Speaks
    • The way of the Shaman – Harner
    • Positive Magic – Weinstein
    • Shamanism by Cowan
    • Teachings around the Sacred Wheel By Lynn Andrews.
  • Add walk in the woods to your meditations:
    • Walk in someplace wooded, possibly someplace you can repeat visits easily.

                               i.      Find a tree and bring a dime.

                               ii.      Set up next to your chosen tree and go inside it and explore the bonding with the tree.

                                iii.      Speak to the tree, listen to what the tree wishes to tell you.

                                iv.      Before leaving, put the silver in the ground and thank the tree and the Earth Mother for the experience.

                                v.      Record your experience in your lesson book.


Two hours of discussion covering these points.







Week One: Cherokee Medicine Society Studies



 Week One: CMS

You have searched me out and have expressed that you  are being drawn to this path. Each comes to this in their own time. It cannot be successfully faked. You want to understand our old ways of working with the world around us.


One theme emerges: this will be mainly to develop yourself.  Until I advise you to do otherwise, this is private studies you will not repeat to others outside your immediate family, and they are not to repeat what you tell them. Doing so, will dissolve the connection you are striving to achieve. 


The beginning goal of these studies, is to improve yourself.  To overcome your faults, and to improve your potential assets. To get your life in a balanced order. To wake up spiritually connected and while doing so achieve a balance of focused harmony in your life. This harmony will include mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and psychically. Only then will you be able to walk connected to the universe and to embark on a greater level of actively being a valued part of the universal All. You will learn to walk in Grace and effect the world around you without effort.


To transform, uplift, and so fully develop your spirit self, that the whole Universe will be blessed by your existence.  You walk in connected grace and knowledge and bless all that is around you both the physical world and on the spirit side.

It begins here, as you awake to your spirit side by strengthening  this connection.


  • Practice bathing yourself in the smoke of sage;


  • You have been given white sacred sage:
  • Examples of when to use it:

¨      Before you begin your day in the world of man,

¨      At the end of your day with man.

¨       And before you begin your spiritual time.

  • You will have the first of the Munayki rites put on you, and will be told of these Native American sacred ability enhancers and you begin to transform into the YOU of the future. In our tribe, we gift these Nine rituals and give you instructions on how to develop each of them over time
  • Assignment:
  • Acquire three blank notebooks,
  • they are:
    • A Personal Journal, Record your thoughts in one like a diary.
    • A Lessons book.  List things you are to acquire, things you are to do, and the results.
    • Your BOS, Record formulas and rituals in one. This book needs a soul added to it, we can do this together, it will have a spell to protect it and the things placed in it.  Private and not for others eyes. Some of which you will record from your teachers book of shadows. This is where you will return over the years to recall spells or specific abilities.


  • Take some time each day to practice meditating.
  • The first technique has been explained to you in person, and you have stated you understand.
  • Journal your results in the lesson book.
    • Find a place where you are comfortable to meditate, Create a sacred space by:

                                                              i.      Pouring salt around that space in a circle. Do this CLOCKWISE and set inside it to do your meditations.  This can become one spot, or you can create a different spot with each meditation. It isn’t required to meditate, but worth doing to see if you can feel the difference in created sacred space, and not. 


6th week part 2 Herbal studies


Stinging Nettles

Widely known for its   sting, the leaves of nettles, or Urtica dioica, are covered with dozens of   hairs. While most of the hairs don’t’ sting, some cling to the skin and   inject chemicals that cause an itching, burning sensation that can last   anywhere from minutes to weeks.

Despite this, nettles   have long been held to be a potent, curative herb, and indeed it finds   mention as one of the plants evoked in the 10th century “Nine Herbs   Charm” which is said to protect from poison and illness.

Within such mystical   lore, it was also said that nettles were able to remove curses and spells,   and otherwise protect from magic. Some also used nettles during exorcism   rituals. They were also sometimes applied directly to the skin to   intentionally induce the sting as a method of temporarily easing the pain of   rheumatism, and it was also used of old in Germany for the treatment of   Arthritis.

In more modern use, it   has been found in dandruff control shampoos, and is sometimes given to cattle   with their feed to give them a glossier coat. Some people also use nettles in   culinary practices, where it soaked to remove the stinging chemicals. It is   said that when prepared in this way, it provides a taste similar to spinach.

Among herbal lore it   was also known as a remedy for stopping bleeding. Modern herbalists also use   it in treating arthritis, anemia and hay fever. Some herbalists say that   nettles can be of aid in treating kidney problems and pain. Some also put it   to use in treating skin disorders, as well as coughs
  as it has demonstrated some expectorant qualities. Studies have shown as well   that the extract from nettles being can be used in the treatment of prostate   enlargement.

If having enough   energy to earn your daily bread and to get all your chores done is a struggle   for you. If you go to bed tired, but wake up even more tired. If you can’t   get up and go without coffee, or can’t slow down and relax without alcohol.   If your fatigue is ruining your mood and your friendships. Then it’s time to   build energy and stamina the Cherokee Medicine society way.

The CMS Tradition   nourishes optimum energy, and optimum health, by using safe simple nourishing   herbal infusions, eating whole grains, and avoiding stimulants.
  Use this dry stinging nettle and prepare it like this:
  ² Put one ounce by weight in a quart canning jar.
  ² Fill the jar with boiling water, cap well, and allow to steep for four   hours or overnight.
  ² Strain and enjoy.
  ² Refrigerate the remainder.
  ² Drink within 36 hours.

Because stinging   nettle strengthens the kidneys and adrenals, it builds powerful energy from   the inside out, and gives one amazing stamina. If you drink 4-5 quarts of   nettle infusion weekly, you can expect to see results within 3-6 weeks.

There are no   contraindications to the use of stinging nettle infusion. Side effects may   include: thicker hair, softer skin, stronger veins, and greater delight in   life.

DISCLAMER: Never take   any herb without consulting your doctor first.

Reorders: Visit us at

Cherokee Living


Putting it on paper, gets it out of my head. Or that is the theory.

I returned to the Cherokee Nation after 20 years of roaming the Earth. Coming back to the traditions and mixed society caused me to share little of the world outside to my cousins and aunts wanting to know everything I had done since I left. Much here was as I had left it back in my teens, or at least that was my first impression.

I signed up for tribal housing and within two weeks, was setting in the project managers office reviewing what I would qualify for.  My husband had been killed in a boating accident 4 years ago and I had hung onto our little neighborhood business as long as I could.  So here I was answering questions about my private life to a middle ages Cherokee woman who was taking notes and inquiring about my plans for the future.  I didn’t have a clue what the future was going to hold for me and my youngest daughter. She was the only one still with me. The other two had flown the coop and was making their own way out in the world. My youngest was 14 and I didn’t think she would remain with me past 16 by the way she was behaving. She had not grown up on the reservation but then I didn’t either for long. I married early to escape being under my mothers thumb and a whole new life began almost at once. We left the nation and went to places I had never been before. Orlando Florida to Chicago to Kansas City, and by then I had two kids and spent my time trying to fit into this new world. I am a mixed blood and can pass for white, so I never volunteered that I was an Indian.




Who Knew


ImageWho knew

by Dodie Rogers

Chapter One

“OK, You guys are going to have to make some room, this is getting ridiculous.” What is actually getting ridiculous is that I am talking to the food in the refrigerator,  Lori commented to herself, as she unloaded a saucepan and a large cup of who-knows-what from the top shelf, making room for today’s  leftovers.

Living by one’s self brings on a certain level of relaxed kitchen hygiene, her thoughts continued.  She had lived alone for almost 2 years and she kind of liked not needing to be “Ms Clean and Proper “ all the time, but yet cooking for two, eating for one was creating a refrigerator jungle  she planned to get rid of today.  As soon as I get the last of that report out of the way. Her mind promised herself.

The coffee pot was making grumbling noises that reminded Lori that there was an untested brew needing her attention that had been ready over an hour. Working at home had sounded like a great deal. But without better discipline, my boss was going to get far more hours of work from me than they would of expected in the office. She smiled at herself.  I traded working in my P.J.’s for doing 12 hours instead of 8. Her thoughts continued.  Lori Sumner, thirty with an athletic body similar to a healthy 22-year-old, gave the credit for her toned torso to her gene pool more than applied effort.  Her exercise machine remained almost brand new after two years of setting in its cubby-hole off the hallway in her stylish apartment.

She had attended George Washington University here in DC, majored in Earth Sciences and was excited about her potential life when she walked out of those doors 6 years ago.

She worked up the non-profit corporate ladder , available in our nation’s capital, and had ending up applying her talents in the organized lobbyists arena.  This gave her a second education of how the world worked and who run it behind the scenes, no matter who was elected to what office.

She had become known in this political world as she worked on campaigns and rally’s for environmentalists and animal rights issues.  Her interests, education, and background made her an excellent projects manager and she did enjoy her work but wished for more success in their fights to protect endangered species at her job for Defenders of Wild Life.

This morning she had an hour to complete the report she was doing, listing why their fight over getting a house bill to save the wolves out of the Committee, and onto the floor.  Her report needed to explain why and what could be done to improve its chances quickly before all wolves in at least three states were legally exterminated.

Lori wanted to write the plain truth in this report, but that would not be politically correct, nor socially acceptable to the cocktail party people who would be reading this report. The truth is the side with the most financial backing wins. That was it and she was spreading this truth out with lots of fancy words, instead of saying legal bribery influenced Congress to side with greedy ranchers instead of defending the poor creatures being exterminated.

Lori took a deep breath and returned to the last of the report.  Giving the environmentalists some level of hope so they will donate more money was the bottom line this report needed to cover.  She hit save, and pushed send, and her report whisked off across town to become part of someone else’s report and so on.


One has to attend a certain number of parties in DC, if you are going to remain a recognized force in your field.  So her next duty included walking into her oversized closet to pick the right gown for tonight’s event.

An two hours later she showed her invitation to the security person at the door.  She soon became part of the crowd inside, laughing and mingling people all in their finery.

Maneuvering her way through the evening gowns, clinking glasses, and laughter, her eyes caught a friendly face and headed toward her co-worker.  “Good Evening”,  she smiled.  “Yes, and Good Evening to you as well” came the reply from Josephine Whitaker, PHD Stanford specializing in logistics forecasts for endangered species in North America.

Lori took a deep breath, exhaled slowly as she turned and looked over the steady mixture of voices carrying on a hundred conversations at once. Lori and Jo drew closer as they tried to compare thoughts about the day’s defeat.

“We don’t seem to be able to get anything passed” came out louder than Lori wanted due to a momentary reduction in the noise around them. Jo smiled and pointed to a corner that had just become available. “AH a place to set” Jo sighed.

“Did you get everything written up?” she asked as she settled down on the white loveseat sized corner sofa.  “Well enough I guess, No one with money seems to care this year, about how many species are being slaughtered due to corporate greed.” Lori replied.

“Hang in there girl,” we just need to find a Billionaire who feels as we do to level the playing field. All I have heard all day is it was the fault of the other side of the isle”. Jo said while at the same time she smiled and nodded at a passing couple.  ”Listen, Can we do lunch tomorrow?”  Jo continued,  “How about 1:30 at Lauriol Plaza?  I love their drinks.”   “Sounds good” replied Lori with another smile and nod to acquaintances parading by.  DC is like a small town. Most are the same faces scrambling for attention, or leverage on some issue or promoting some person, or thing.  Lori sipped white wine spritzer and  watched the theater going on around them.

“Guess we should mingle, talk to you tomorrow” was Jo’s final comment and off she went into the crowd. Lori was standing alone and not particularly noticing anything around her, when a man’s voice interrupted her far away thought.

She turned to see a tall dark-haired man with a pleasant smile on his face. “Good Evening” he repeated, noticing that she probably didn’t hear him the first time.

”Good Evening, I’m sorry do I know you?” she asked. “No” was his reply with a slight shaking of the head and a grin. He continued  “Hello, I’m Mathew, my friends call me Matt.”  She was looking at some of the more perfect teeth and bewitching green eyes she had seen in a while. Combining that with his tanned skin color and the perfectly manicured haircut, how could a girl think while looking at such a perfect specimen? Lori quickly recovered her ability to speak and said “Hello Matt, I’m Lori”.

The rest of the evening was half a blur and half a dream as he charmed her and they laughed and shared small happy stories of no particular importance.  Walking around the room, the drinks changed from white wine to champagne and before long they were outside in the muggy October night air and hailing a cab.


The morning light came through her bedroom like a piercing dagger and she mounded grabbing for the pillow to hide under. “Good Morning”.  Lori’s eyes shot open and she didn’t even breath as she slowly raised the pillow and with tiny slits of opened eyes she looked to see who was connected to the voice that had wished her a good morning. “Good Morning” was all she could muster in return as she wondered where the closest thing was she could grab to cover herself for a dash to the bathroom. “Would you care for a robe?” she heard this pleasant baritone voice inquire. “UH, Yes, the robe should be hooked on the back of the closet door” . She was still 99% covered, shielding herself from the light and whomever it was in her room. “Thanks” she added as the robe appeared and she was off to recoup.  “I took the liberty of making some coffee”, you ready for a cup?”  he asked. “UH, Thanks, I am getting in the shower first.” Lori replied as she tried to piece together her night under the stream of warm water beating on her fuzzy head.

When she emerged, the hangover was still there but most of the cobwebs had washed away down the drain and she could remember his name was Matt.  She smiled sheepishly and politely said “Good Morning Matt” as she wrapped a white towel around her head.  He replied with a smile and added, “How do you take it? “ She was blank as to his meaning at first then a slow-too-glow light bulb arrived above her head. “Oh, a little milk please.”

After a cup and a glass of water to help hydrate her, she had pieced the night together and wished she had a clearer recollection to what was probably a very nice evening. She hadn’t been dating for almost a year and she sure wished she had total recall.  “You told me last night you had a luncheon today, and so I am going to leave,  but I wanted to make sure you were up and knew I enjoyed myself very much last night and would like to see you again.” Matt’s smile was still something that could take a girl’s breath away, even in the morning hours. “Uh, Yes, Let me get you my card uh, my number.”  “Thanks”  he replied as she handed him a card off the kitchen bar and as she turned, he took her in his arms and gave her a kiss that could cause a girl to see visions of swirling pleasure.  “I’ll call later this afternoon if that is ok.” he said in a soft whisper. She found herself just smiling and nodding in a dreamy glazed state, as he turned and left.

‘Holy Shit” was her first thought. “Damn”!, came a few minutes later. Three hours passed and she had put herself together about as well as she could under the influence of her hangover.

Lori chose black slacks, a thin strapped black top with a white blazer. She run her hands through her short brown hair as the hairdryer mixed with a good cut, made her look much more professional than she felt.


When she arrived at the Plaza, Jo was already seated next to the window. She loved the snow-white table cloths and the rich pecan wooden chairs and planters that separated the booth areas.

Lori kept her stylish sunglasses on as she sat down and avoided Jo’s stare quickly followed by a friends knowing smile. “O.K.”,  “What do you FEEL like today?” she said with a playful voice.

The waiter joined them before Lori had to reply. She knew the menu well and ordered the Del Mar with the small house salad, and Jo added “and we will split a pitcher of your margaritas, and I will have the Sunshine Salad.” Lori enjoyed her friend’s company and before the lunch was over, she would tell all about her new friend, or what parts she remembered. But for now, Lori just removed her shielding sun glasses and asks, “So, what do YOU want to talk about?”

Jo forwarded the conversation past what Lori wasn’t ready to discuss, though sooner or later she knew she would hear all the details, but not until her friend was ready to share.

“I’ve been listening to the DC horror stories for 5 years”  Lori began. “Some have been real and some just made up”.  She continued.  “But there is new fear, a lowering of voices and comments including a worry of not wanting to be heard telling it. After Snowden’s confirmations, there isn’t any doubt now I guess.”

There was a pause as the waiter brought their pitcher, glasses, salads & bread to the table. “There is a level of fear on the Hill, Senators afraid to talk about things going on in our government.”  Jo continued.  “I was asking Senator Moreland, if there was any truth to the rumors of a secret base in Alaska manned by military other than our military.  He turned and looked around before replying. That kind of body language only happens if one is afraid that others might hear. “  “So, how did he reply?” Lori asked.  “Of course, he said it was quote Hog-Wash end quote.”  She laughed, and took a long drink from her Margareta. ” His Arkansas choices of expression remains intact, but the fear he showed just for a minute in turning around told me more than his answer.”   Jo  expressed with a mouth full of salad and her napkin dobbing the corners of her mouth.  There was an instant break in the conversation as the waiter arrived with the balance of their food.

Lori was hungrier than she had realized and dove into enjoying her jumbo shrimp with the chicken fajita. She had to admit the drinks were good as well and before long she had nothing left of the handover of this morning. This Morning, now that brought a smile to her face and her friend noticed.


Lori knew all too well what Jo was talking about. Rumors were everywhere in DC.  Ever since *911.  Everything in the government had changed.  The Patriot Act changed what we had previously thought of about how our government worked.

Talk about the NSA, and a shadow government that was now in total control of surveillance on all its citizens made everyone feel unsafe. Lots of things going on around the country showing up on facebook that sounded crazy at first, then it started sounding real and little scary.

We had heard about the Private Military companies taking over much of the things we don’t want to admit doing, that was in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and who knows how many other foreign countries. But the newest stories were about  such things going on right here in the USA.

Things that were not supposed to be done in our country were strongly rumored. Stories about how the United Nations was taking over more things that one would think they should.

In some respects things that the conspiracy crazies use to warn us about, seem to be happening and we normal folk have not paid attention until it seemed almost too late. If only half of what we hear was true, we are living in a different country than our parents supported and defended. “Let’s hope that what we are hearing is just propaganda lies.” Lori replied.


“Now I have something to tell you.”  Lori continued.  Jo’s ears perked up and the conversation turned to girl talk and the evening before, and the morning. Which set Jo to giggling and enjoying Lori’s story almost as much as if she had experienced it herself?

Jo replied with “Wow.  Let’s see, His full name is?  He works on or with?”  Lori smiled. “Actually, I don’t know much. His name is Matt; don’t think he told me who he works for.”  “Oh, I’m sure he did, you probably just don’t remember it.” Jo grinned. Lori wasn’t much of a drinker and seldom had total recall from times the girls had a few. “That might be true” Lori admitted. He will call later this afternoon, so I might inquire then.  Every man in DC is either a Lawyer or Military. He was in civvies, so he is probably a lawyer. “


The conversation bounced from environmental friendly legislators and back onto concerns about surveillance and bugging of their organizations phones and emails for supposedly national security and eco-terrorists associations. “That is ridiculous” every time someone thinks differently than those in power, we are all of a sudden “terrorists”? Jo frowned.

“Hush”, came Lori’s almost automatic reply. You know they have ears everywhere if only half of what we hear is true.” These damn smart-phones for example. If they want to, they can turn on the speaker in it and make it a microphone for monitoring. “They don’t want to waste their time monitoring us.” Jo replied with a shrug.  “We aren’t that interesting.”  both girls laughed and continued with their drinks and meal.

They soon hugged and went their separate ways. Lori opened the door to her apartment and laid down on her bed. It was still unmade which brought a smile to her face. She hadn’t had a romantic relationship since Jerry and it ended almost two years ago. Not that this was a relationship but it had been romantic. She dosed off thinking of him and enjoying the slight buzz she had from lunch. The next thing she knew was that the phone was ringing.


“Hello there, how are you feeling?” Came the baritone sounds similar to the night before. “ Hello” she replied still in a half awake state, and her voice was more dreamy than alert.  A short laugh came from the phone, “sorry did I disturb you?” “You know,”  she replied,” When I came back from my lunch, I laid down and that was the last thing I knew, till you rang.”  She gave a slight giggle. “Well, I wanted to say I enjoyed our evening last night and was wondering if you might be free for dinner tomorrow evening?” His voice was musical or magical, she didn’t know which, but she heard her own voice saying “Oh, you know, that sounds nice.”  “Great, Can I pick you up about 7?” he replied. “ 7”  she repeated, “what kind of attire”  she ask. “Just casual” he replied, “Won’t keep you out late.”  So there it was a second date.

Lori rolled over and drifted back off to never-never land, which meant she was wide awake a little past one in the morning.  Her  work-times could to some extent be  whenever she wanted, so she picked up the papers around her desk, and began to read. It was a report on the recoveries of some endangered species. One species only had 17 left on the planet before we took notice. 14 years later, there were now 243. But that still wasn’t very many and there are so many regular reasons that can seriously reduce an animal’s chances of survival. A cold winter could wipe them out, plus horrid chemicals being spread around like 1080 compound.  A poison that would bring on a horridly painful death of the animal that smelled, tasted, or even walked in it. Then as that animal died, the animals who comsume it, like fox or eagle, wolf would be killed as well and on and on. The animals would become very thirsty and go to water. Which would kill every thing in the stream for some area and then even after a year or more, every place an infected animal had been, would kill every other animal ever smelling the ground or having any contact. Compound 1080 was a horrid thing to turn loose in the wild, but ranchers  used it. Reading such things made her angry and sick and ashamed to be a human.  She read two more reports giving numbers advanced graduate students from around the country were sending us as she drifting back off to sleep.  This is enough, she told herself and she quickly changed for bed, and snuggled down into the pad that fit her form and put her quickly to sleep.

Chapter Two

“Look Out!”  Matt shouted, as he pushed himself up from a low crouched position and  waved his arms.  He burst into a long-stride loping run down a steep gravel embankment, past and scattered rock outcroppings, and toward the packed dirt highway below.

The dozen men close behind him wore the khaki fatigues of the Pakistani Strike Force. Fierce threats of death and violence issued from them. They carried collapsible stock 9-mm submachine guns in their fists, they stormed the two dozen turban-clad freedom fighters or terrorists depending on who you were talking to, and next came a bright flash and noise of the explosion. At this point Matt jerked and woke up — Three or four quick panting breaths and he simply said “again”.  This very real flashback showed Matt once again that he wasn’t so smart for he cannot keep these flashback nightmares away long enough to get a good nights rest.

Matt grumbled to himself and got up to go wash his face and try again for the sleep of a man who had not spent the last 5 years in a war.  He will pick his next dream as he returns to bed; the military therapist suggested it and he was willing to try.

Let’s see, nothing about work, nothing about war, nothing that was going to blow up. I’ll pick a dream about that fine lady I met last night he grinned.  Yes, Lori and I in a green meadow with a bucket of Crispy Chicken and a blanket.  Now, let’s try this again, he thought to himself.


Chapter Three

Is this story worth developing?